Shipping and return policies for Ruin Nation Records

Return Policy
General Terms and Conditions

1. General Appicability
The following general terms and conditions are applicable in their current version to any commercial relationship between Ruin Nation Records and our customers. You can always find the current version of our General Terms and Conditions on the left side of every website in our online shop (

2. Sales Contract
You can place an order via telephone or through our website.

By placing an order you present an offer for the termination of a sales contract. We then are allowed to accept this offer within 14 days by sending you an invoice via eMail or Post. By sending the invoice to you we accept your order. If we should not accept your offer within 14 days it is rejected. Products that do not appear in the invoice are not part of the sales contract.
For orders via Internet, the sales contract will come into effect with:
Ruin Nation Records, Stefan Willenborg, Stedinger Str.58 , 28203 Bremen, Germany

3. Delivery
Within Germany we deliver available stock through our logistics partners within 3-7 days after we have received your payment. 
Within Europe the delivery takes up to 10 days. Worldwide deliveries depend on the shipping method and your country.
All information regarding delivery times is without obligation, if not specifically agreed through us.
In case we should fall behind an obligatory agreed-upon delivery, and the customer sets a new deadline, this should be a minimum of 2 weeks. If we don't act upon the deadline, the customer is allowed to withdraw from the sales contract.
In case an item is not in stock, we will tell you a new delivery date, or as an alternative that the delivery is not possible. We reserve us the option of part-delivery, in case we think this would be beneficial for a faster processing. In case of part-delivery, we will cover any additional costs, and you will not be charged.
If we are not able to supply the ordered products without our own fault, and in case our distributors are not able to fulfill their contractual obligations, we reserve the right to withdraw from the sales contract.

For deliveries outside of the European Union, we will not charge any General Sales Tax / Value Added Tax. Customs Charges, Taxes and other charges that might apply through the delivery have to be covered by the customer.

4. Right of Withdrawal for the Consumer
The Right of Withdrawal does not apply to retailers.

The Right of Withdrawal

You can cancel your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in written form (eg letter, fax, e-mail) or - if the goods were delivered before the deadline - by returning the item revoked. The time limit begins after receipt of this instruction in writing, but not before receipt of goods by the consignee (in case of recurring deliveries of similar goods not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and also does not fulfill our obligations under article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 paragraph 1 and 2 draft law and our obligations under § 312g paragraph 1 sentence 1 BGB in conjunction with article 246 § 3 BGB. In order to meet the cancellation time limit it is sufficient to send the withdrawal or the goods in time. The withdrawal or return must be sent to:

Ruin Nation Records
Stefan Willenborg
Stedinger Str.58
28203 Bremen, Germany

info @ ruinnation . org

Right of Withdrawal does not apply for:
* delivery of goods specifically manufactured for customers, or that are personalised in any other way, or goods that are not able to be returned.
* delivery of Audio- or Videorecordings, or Software, in case the delivered data carrier has been unsealed.
* delivery of Newspapers, Magazines and Pamphlets

Withdrawal Implications

In case of a valid return any performance received by both parties are to be returned, as are benefits derived from such performance (eg. interest). If you can not return the performance entirely or partially, or only in a declined condition, you must pay compensation for the value in this respect as the case may be. This does not apply if the deterioration is due exclusively to inspection of the goods - as it would have been possible to the consumer for instance in the retail shop. The consumer can avoid the compensation of value by not using the goods like a proprietor and omitting everything which impairs their value.

Goods which can be sent by parcel are sent at our risk. If the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods, and if the price of the returned goods does not exceed the amount of 40 Euro or, in case of a higher price of the goods at the time of the withdrawal, if you have not reciprocated or partially paid as contracted, you bear the costs of the return. Otherwise the return is free of charge for you. Goods which can not be sent by parcel will be picked up at your place. Payments have to be refunded by the customer within 30 days. For you the period begins with sending off the notice of withdrawal or the goods, for us the period begins with its reception.

End of the right of withdrawal

5. Pricing
All prices are listed in Euro with or without VAT according to applicable national and international tax regulations and are quoted Ex-Works, excluding packaging, freight, insurance, postage or any other local applicable duties and taxes. Additional Shipping Costs apply (see 6). Prices are only valid from the current offer.

6. Shipping Costs
NOTE: Shipping costs are always approximate and subject to change! - Prices below give you a rough quote of what to expect...

a) within Germany:
from 0 g to 1000 g Total Weight: 2,70 EUR (No LP or 10" possible!)
from 1 kg to 5 kg Total Weight: 5,00 EUR
from 5 kg to 10 kg Total Weight: 7,20 EUR
free delivery for orders over 100,00 EUR!

b) to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus/Republic of (except north), Czech Republic, Denmark (not including the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Estonia, Finland (not including the Åland Islands), France (not including overseas areas and departements), Greece (not including Mount Athos), Hungary, Ireland, Italy (not including Livigno and Campione d'Italia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands (not including areas outside Europe), Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (not including the Canary Islands, Ceuta + Melilla), Sweden, United Kingdom (not including the Channel Islands):
from 100 g to 500 g Total Weight: 6,50 EUR
from 500 g to 1 kg Total Weight: 10,00 EUR
from 1 kg to 5 kg Total Weight: 15,00 EUR
from 5 kg to 10 kg Total Weight: 25,00 EUR

c) to Switzerland, Norway, Vatican City:
from 100 g to 500 g Total Weight: 6,50 EUR
from 500 g to 1 kg Total Weight: 10,00 EUR
from 1 kg to 2 kg Total Weight: 17,85 EUR
from 2 kg to 3 kg Total Weight: 19,00 EUR
from 3 kg to 4 kg Total Weight: 20,25 EUR
from 4 kg to 5 kg Total Weight: 21,50 EUR

c) to Bosnia, Croatia, Georgia, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Herzegovina, Iceland, Kasakhstan, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine:
from 100 g to 500 g Total Weight: 6,50 EUR
from 500 g to 1 kg Total Weight: 10,00 EUR
from 1 kg to 2 kg Total Weight: 20,90 EUR
from 2 kg to 3 kg Total Weight: 32,73 EUR
from 3 kg to 4 kg Total Weight: 34,00 EUR
from 4 kg to 5 kg Total Weight: 35,11 EUR

d) to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, USA:
from 100 g to 500 g Total Weight: 6,50 EUR
from 500 g to 1 kg Total Weight: 10,00 EUR
from 1 kg to 2 kg Total Weight: 20,90 EUR
from 2 kg to 5 kg Total Weight: 39,00 EUR

7. Conditions Of Payment
We accept Payment via Bank Transfer, PayPal, COD and Cash at pickup. Payment on invoice is only possible after the 5th successful transaction. For Non-European Customers we can only accept payment via PayPal.

a) Payment via Bank Transfer (Payment In Advance) - After you have finished the ordering process, you will receive an invoice within a few minutes, that contains our bank details. Please pay AFTER you have received the invoice! All bank transfer transaction fees have to be borne by the customer. After we have received the payment we'll ship your order.

b) Payment via PayPal - Payments via Paypal are the quickest way i suppose, but we do have to charge a Paypal fee of currently 1.9% + 0.35,- Euro if you live within the EU - 3.9% + 0.35,- Euro if you live outside the EU. This Transaction Fee will be charged automaticly during the check out process. Paypal keeps this fee directly and will not be billed on taxable invoice. Refunds will be paid back including the fee of the refund amount. Also, especially forein folks, this Modul can have errors! We will check with you if the amount is correct, but in case if calculations mistakes from the shop module, there might be more or less to add or you receive a refund.

c) Pickup -
You can pickup your order in our office in Bremen, Germany, and pay upon pickup. Please contact us via eMail or telephone if you are planning to pickup your order, so we can assure there will be someone in the office!

d) COD (Cash on Delivery) - You pay directly at your doorstep to the Postman. This service cost GERMANY: EUR 3,50 + EUR 2,00 Handling and Paymentfee DHL! and EU Countries: Plus EUR 8,50 + EUR 2,00 Handling and Paymentfee DHL! This is a Special Service and you have to add 19% VAT. (Billed Automaticly) This Service is ONLY available for Germany and EU Countries. Sorry.
d) Invoice - Payment on invoice is possible after the 5th successful mail-order transaction and payable within 14 Days of Invoice Date.

8. Warranty
Warranty is in comply with legal requirements. For complaints we ask for proof of sales date via invoice and shipping of the good(s) including a copy of the invoice to:
Ruin Nation Records, Stefan Willenborg, Verdunstr.11, 28211 Bremen, Germany

Normal wearout of the good(s) does not constitute a warranty claim.

9. Care
For information on how to wash and care for your purchased garments, please refer to the label inside of the product. We cannot be held liable for damages caused by wrong care.

10. Rights Of Ownership
The seller reserves the rights and ownership to any and all delivered goods until receipt of full payment for the respective goods.

11. Storage Of Data
You agree to the storage, processing and use of all personal data conveyed by your order according to the regulations of the German Federal Law for Data Protection (BDSG) until the completion of your order.

Your personal data is passed on only for dispatching purposes by our responsible logistics partner. Ruin Nation Records will keep all personal data confidential.

12. Right Of Objection (Federal Law for Data Protection)
You have the right to object regarding the use or transmission of your data for advertising purposes. You have the right to information and under special conditions the right to correction, blockage and deletion of your data stored by us. Please let us know if you would like to exercise your right of objection according to the Federal Law for Data Protection.

13. Applicable Law
All disputes, that develop from or due to this agreement, German right under exclusion of the Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is valid.

14. Disclaimer
Ruin Nation Records cannot be held responsible for possible damages caused by the use of our products, especially if used inappropriately. The products offered on this website are not, under any circumstances, a request to cause illegal activities or criminal offences.

15. Copyrights
All accessible content on '' and in particular motives and designs of the offered products are the intellectual property of Ruin Nation Records. 
Any reproduction, publication or disclosure with the purpose of the commercial use is only permitted with express consent from Ruin Nation Records.

16. Various
Small deviations of the products from online illustrations and specifications are possible.

Place of jurisdiction for any and all disputes arising between the Seller and the Purchaser is the City of Bremen, Germany.

17. Final Clause
Should a provision in these conditions be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.

18. Vendor Information
Ruin Nation Records, Stefan Willenborg, Stedinger Str.58 , 28203 Bremen, Germany
Phone: 0421 9593699, VAT-ID-No: DE269037277